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Update your knowledge about alcohol use disorder (AUD) and the adverse impact of alcohol misuse on health and society. 

Facts About Teen Drinking

NIAA Activities for Middle Schoolers

Alcohol & Your Brain: VR Experience

Kahoot! Quiz About Underage Drinking

Rethinking Drinking

Alcohol Treatment Navigator

NIAAA Website

Cabinet Locks

 These cabinet locks are a great way to convert a normal cabinet into a safe storage space for anything you need to keep out of unwanted hands.

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Getting the conversation flowing with simple things opens the doors for conversations about harder items like drug and alcohol use.  Get the convo started over dinner on March 21st!

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 Start the Conversation

"When parents create supportive and nurturing environments, children make better decisions." This valuable resource can help get the conversation started.

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You may have seen these on social media!  They're a great resource to discuss drug and alcohol facts with your family!  Most facts are sourced from our Carlsbad community.

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Suicide Prevention

Whether it's for you or for a loved one, there are plenty of resources available if suicide is a concern.  Please feel free to share!

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New Mexico Good
Samaritan Law

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The Good Samaritan law protects people who seek help for a friend or family member who is experiencing a drug overdose and call 911.

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